Due to high production volume please expect up to 4 weeks for production after the time we receive your impression kit back. Hand made takes time to ensure the highest quality. We appreciate your patience and support! Thank you.

  • Hunt at a higher level

    SheepFeet Increases your endurance so you can hunt harder and go farther.

  • Hunting with pain?

    Experiencing pain while hunting should never hold you back. Here’s how SheepFeet can help.

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  • 100% custom boots

    Make every pair of boots or shoes 100% custom and corrective to your feet.

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How it works

Once you have built and purchased your pair of SheepFeet Custom Orthotics, We will mail you the Impression Kit. You simply take the impression, and mail it back with the prepaid label. We will then make your SheepFeet Custom Orthotics and send them back. It's as easy as that!

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Prevent future injury

When hunting you can’t afford to get injured in the backcountry. SheepFeet help protect against injury and prevent injuries from happening in the future.

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