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It is essential to go Custom because everyone's feet are not the same. There are low and high arches, wide and narrow feet, and big and small feet. A Custom Orthotic can help all of these differences. Millions of people use custom orthotics every single day. If you have ever spoken to someone that has used different orthotics, they will probably be able to answer the question, are all orthotics the same? The answer is NO WAY! It's like saying all binoculars, rifles, or packs are the same. Custom orthotics blow all other orthotics or inserts away. The majority of orthotic companies out there say they are selling you custom orthotics, but that isn't the case. Custom doesn't mean you get a size 8, 9, or 10, taken off the shelf. It doesn't mean that it has already been fabricated and waiting for you to buy when you walk in the store. That's not Custom; that's mass-produced & pre-fabricated! Here at SheepFeet, a custom orthotic is made from a mold of YOUR feet and made specifically to YOUR foot!

Hunting is an addiction, unlike any other. In other sports, you find yourself doing drills to practice for that big moment, but hunting is different. Hunters put in months of work in the unforgiving wilderness scouting for that trophy they long for. Whether it's a screaming bull elk, a big old whitetail, or a majestic bighorn sheep at the top of the mountain, you will have to put a lot of miles on your feet and body. This is one place you don't want anything to go wrong. The uneven terrain and long distances you travel will take a beating on your body; it's important to be protected and ready for the hunt. 
SheepFeet allows you to be quieter when stalking big game because you'll be more precise where you step. SheepFeet needs to be the first piece of equipment every hunter gets before going into the field. SheepFeet are the answer you are looking for! No more sitting out a day from hunting  because of aches and pains. See how SheepFeet can fight your pain, and have you feeling better, and hunting safer and harder in no time!


One of the most significant ways custom orthotics will benefit you is by keeping your kinetic chain in alignment. Your body is made up of a Kinetic Chain. The kinetic chain is the vertical alignment of feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, spine, up to your neck. Your feet are the foundation of this chain. If one of these links is out of alignment, the stress from hunting and hiking can cause different places in your body pain or injury.  SheepFeet will keep your Kinetic chain in proper alignment, and often time is the simplest way to get rid of the pain.  SheepFeet is the answer for you!  You don't have to miss another day from hunting because of aches and pains.


By changing out the generic footbed in a hunting boot and replacing it with SheepFeet custom hunting orthotics, you instantly turn your hunting boots into a custom fit boot made exactly to the shape of your foot! You also get a custom corrective fit orthotic to aid your body in functioning how it's intended and help prevent future injury. Some people pay upwards of $1300 or more on custom boots, but with your SheepFeet you can move them from shoe to shoe easily, making all the boots or shoes you own custom. And you just saved yourself a boatload of money!

Another great reason to use a custom orthotic is to extend the life of your hunting boots. A good pair of hunting boots can range from $200-$400, up to $1500. If you are wearing your hunting boots off on the inside or the outside, it is because you're not walking correctly. This shows you your kinnetic chain is out of allignment and is causing stress on your body that may lead to injury down the road.  Uneven boot wear may only allow you to get only 1-2 season of wear out of them. A custom orthotic can correct this problem, extend the life of your boot. Saving you money, and protecting you against future injury. 


Each pair of orthotics we make is different and 100% custom to each person's feet. Our process gives us a precise replica of your foot, which allows us to make a high-quality orthotic specifically for you. Each pair is hand made and constructed in the USA, which allows personal care and detail for each pair because every foot is unique. Don't settle for anything less than Custom, handmade, and not made by a machine.

  1. After you have purchased your pair of SheepFeet, we will send you an Impression foam. You will then use the foam to take an impression of your feet. This allows us to make a correct replica of your feet. This replica is called "the cast."
  2. We take the impression foam and pour it with plaster. After the plaster hardens, we then make the appropriate corrections to your casts to ensure your feet are in their proper anatomical neutral position.
  3. Then we take our high strength composite plastic and heat it to a high temperature, and mold it to your corrected casts. By doing this, you have a completely custom pair of orthotics.
  4. Here we do the final grinding and shaping of the orthotics so they will fit in your hunting boots and regular shoes. Then they are taken to our finishing department.
  5. The finishing department is where the heel stabilizer, XC cushion, and Dura Covers are applied to the foot frame in building your SheepFeet.

  • Order Your Custom Insoles

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  • Ship them back to us for free

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  • We'll make your custom insoles

    Then ship them out to you

  • Give em' a trim and slide them in

    Correct. Prevent. Perform.

Custom Orthotics

Nobody's feet are quite like yours. Time to treat them that way.

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