Our Story

Why this all started

Since 1951 we have been involved in the overall health and wellness of feet. Spread between many Podiatrists and Orthotists, we know how much your feet can affect your performance and the overall health of your body. Since then we have been making Custom Orthotics professionally for people all over the country.

Hunting has been a passion of ours through as many generations of our family as we can remember. As a hunting partner your job is to do whatever you can to help your friends or family succeed. For years I would watch as my friends would instantly rip off their boots and rub their feet immediately after a hike. One day it dawned on me that they need a pair of hunting orthotics. Following the hunt we made them their very own pair of hunting orthotics. The benefits I had grown accustom to from hunting with orthotics most of my life was immediately recognized during the following hunting trips with my friends. The pain and fatigue they would experience were no longer there, which allowed them to hunt harder and longer. They also felt more sure-footed when walking on uneven terrain. It was at that moment we realized every hunter whether experiencing pain or not, would benefit from custom hunting orthotics.

At SheepFeet our goal is to support you every step of the way on your hunts and throughout everyday life. We love hunting and all the amazing memories made from it. Like a good hunting partner we want to help you hunt without pain, be protected against future injury, and have a successful hunt!

Custom Orthotics

Nobody's feet are quite like yours. Time to treat them that way.

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