Heath Behind Sheepfeet


This is an addiction unlike any other. In other sports you find yourself doing drills to practice for that big moment, but hunting is different. Hunters put in months of work in the unforgiving wilderness scouting for that trophy they long for. Whether it's a screaming bull elk, a big old white tail, or a majestic big horn sheep at the top of the mountain, you will have to put a lot of miles on your feet. This is one place you don't want something to go wrong. The uneven terrain and long distances you travel will take a beating on your body. It's important you are protected and ready for the hunt. Hunting with Sheep Feet Keep your Kinetic chain in proper alignment.  
Your kinetic chain is the vertical alignment of feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, and up to your neck. If one of these kinetic links is out of alignment, the stress from hiking will cause different places in your body pain or injury. It can even force other parts of the chain out of alignment. Your feet are the basis of the whole chain and so they are the most important part of your body while hunting. The layer of Power Cushion will absorb shock protecting your joints, ligaments, and muscles. The Arch and heel support will give you more balance and stability so you don't fall. 
This will also allow you to be quieter when stalking game, you'll be more precise where you step. Hunting with pain and fatigue isn't something you should have to do. Sheep Feet needs to be the first piece of equipment every hunter gets before going into the field. Put the sport in your step and bag that trophy you have always wanted.

  • More support and balance for uneven terrain
  • Reduce muscle fatigue 
  • Corrects and keeps kinetic chain aligned. 
  • Injury prevention  
  • Power cushion absorbs shock
  • More comfort 
  • Faster recovery after hiking 
Custom Orthotics

Nobody's feet are quite like yours. Time to treat them that way.

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