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XC2 Technology

XC2 Technology is one of the top elite cushions on the market, absorbing an incredible 90% of the energy upon impact. Most of the cushions used today are closed-cell structure cushions. XC2, however, is an open-cell structure cushion.

This means XC2 instantly absorbs and eliminates force upon impact, and immediately following the impact re-forms to Its original shape. The open cell technology allows XC2 to have a soft, comfortable fit to the foot that will mold and protect you with every step. This gives you comfort and protection while backpacking in on a hard hunt, or to get you through a tough work week.

The flexibility of the open cell structure is stronger and more durable than closed cell cushions. XC2 can absorb more impact without it breaking down, or letting harmful impact transfer to the foot.

With each move, the material compresses and flexes, allowing air and moisture to move freely, so nothing is trapped. XC2 is highly breathable and moisture resistant. And to top it off, it's treated with an antimicrobial to fight bacteria growth and odor.

Custom Orthotics

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