Standard Full Length Custom Orthotic

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The Standard Model is equivalent in thickness to a stock insole that comes in your boots. If you fit you boots true to size and more on the snug side, or you want as much room as possible the Standard is perfect for you. 

SheepFeet are fully fitted with our camo Dura cover to add durability and comfort. The  Xtreme Curl Cushion and the Heel Stabilizer add maximize comfort, protection, and performance. They correct, relieve pain, and help prevent injury. Every hunter needs these to help them perform at the highest level on, or off the mountain.

Full Length Sheepfeet are 100% custom orthotics


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What customers are saying


Tried every kind of insoles out there these are the only one to work with my feet. I stand on concrete floors all day at work then use them for hiking and hunting all the time definitely worth the money!

Thomas G.

I rarely have ankle pain anymore. I like the extra padding and I feel I get a better fit in my boot now.

Jeff B.

If your on the fence about making this investment on your self, jump right into a pair of sheep feet! Why? Because your feet are worth it! Buy a pair.

Rudy V.