Due to high production volume please expect up to 4 weeks for production after the time we receive your impression kit back. Hand made takes time to ensure the highest quality. We appreciate your patience and support! Thank you.

Frequently asked questions for custom orthotics | Sheep Feet Outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions


What if my SheepFeet Custom Orthotics doesn't fit in my boots?

How long do SheepFeet take to make?

What if my impression Foam gets ruined?

How long should SheepFeet last?

What is the Warranty on SheepFeet

Can i use my SheepFeet for more than just hunting

What if SheepFeet hurt my feet

Are SheepFeet the same quality of orthotics I would get from a doctor

Is there a break-in period

What is the difference between Full length and Half length SheepFeet

Should I take the insole out of my boot after i get my SheepFeet

What if I want to buy more pairs