Pronation & Supination

Pronation and Supination are one of the most common problems people face that causes pains throughout the body. It is simply when the foot is rotating inward and downward, or rotating outward and downward. A simple test to see if you do this is to look at the heel of your shoes. See if there is any uneven wear on the sole of your shoes to the left or right side. 

When your feet over Pronate or Supinate, it causes pressure on the foot ankle, and knee joints, resulting in aches and pains. Flat feet or low arches can be a common cause of overpronation. 

A lot of people have flat feet and aren't aware that it may be contributing to their foot pain or knee pain

Symptoms of pronation or supination

-Ankle pain
-Plantar fasciitis
-Shin Splints
-Heel Pain
-Flat Feet
-Back Pain
-Hip Pain
-Knee Pain

Pain Relief

Proper alignment of the skeletal structure is crucial to correcting overpronation and Supination. One way to correct the alignment is by getting a pair of SheepFeet Custom Hunting Orthotics. An orthotic helps to hold your heel and supports the arch of your foot so it can't roll inward or outward. Keeping the foot in a neutral position causes the ankle, knee, and back to all be properly aligned. Alleviating stress and pain throughout the body.