We are experiencing a little longer production times due to material shortages. Production times are 4-5 weeks from the time we received your impression kit back. Sorry for the delay.

The Technology

SheepFeet Custom Hunting Orthotics

All SheepFeet are 100% custom and handmade in the USA to ensure quality and durability.  When making SheepFeet, we had the vision to make them rugged, and as hardcore as the hunting you do. The terrain you experience can often be harsh and unforgiving, resulting in wear and tear on your body that can lead to injury. Which is why we knew SheepFeet had to be strong enough to protect and support you through anything. Especially if you're packed into the backcountry where injury could cause significant problems or end your hunt. That's why SheepFeet are made with the highest quality, state of the art materials to be strong and durable when you need them the most.