Standard Half length Custom Orthotics

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Half Length SheepFeet are made to easily be moved from shoe to shoe. They are great in everyday shoes as you don't have to remove the stock insole when you use them. The Standard Half Length in as thin as possible to fit in tighter shoes or allow you to have as much room as possible. 

They relieve pain, help prevent injury, boost performance, and align your kinetic chain. XC cushion absorbs shock during activities. Because of how these are made, to ensure maximum comfort you can't see the XC cushion in the images if you choose to upgrade to it. But it is under the Dura Cover. These are very  

 SheepFeet are 100% custom made orthotics.


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What customers are saying


Tried every kind of insoles out there these are the only one to work with my feet. I stand on concrete floors all day at work then use them for hiking and hunting all the time definitely worth the money!

Thomas G.

I rarely have ankle pain anymore. I like the extra padding and I feel I get a better fit in my boot now.

Jeff B.

If your on the fence about making this investment on your self, jump right into a pair of sheep feet! Why? Because your feet are worth it! Buy a pair.

Rudy V.